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We Build High Converting Sales Funnels, Membership Sites, Webinar Funnels, Lead Capture Pages, etc...
Let Us Take Care Of The Technical Headaches Along With Implementing Proven 
Seven Figure Systems... Saving You The Hassle, Time And Frustration While 
You Focus On Being The Visionary For Your Business Development!
We Build High 
Converting Sales Funnels, Membership Sites, Webinar Funnels, Lead Capture Pages, etc...
Let Us Take Care Of The Technical Headaches, Saving You A Lot Of Hassle And Time 
While You Focus On Being The Visionary For Your Business Development!
Empowering Women With 
The Resources And Strategy Plan In Order 
To Create The Soul-Driven Lifestyle;
One step at a time.

Hi... My name is Lisa Wendler, founder of Acute Marketing, Inc, named after my gorgeous bay thoroughbred horse retired from the track on August 23, 2015.  

Acute earned over $108,000+ before coming home between the California and Washington thoroughbred racing tracks. Through a transitional change in business,  she provided me with the daily reminder of how important it was for me to move my career to the middle of my barn in building an agency via my laptop. 

I am the CEO of Alpha Warrior Women, a plateau of personal development/ entrepreneur consulting and Mom of six kids, (yes, you read this correctly SIX) living on farm in Washington State. 
First and foremest, branding is crucial in developing your niche and this is where strategy comes in to zero in on this first step in bringing your brand to the marketplace or restructuring what exactly you are offering to the niche you are serving. 

Assisting you in strategy, design, hex code colors and more to be long term in working together.  

My husband and I have been entrepreneurs for over 20 years and we understand the success highs and lows of organizing companies, the behind the scenes and the low moments that we've bounced back from to expand our family's future.
We are raising up six kids to follow their pathway of what being an entrepreneur means to each one in their own space. 

After fifteen years of marketing and development of my own business, I took the plunge into learning platforms and automation for online development.    

Since 2011, I have established business protocols from the ground-up and have grown several successful 7 figure thriving businesses to achieve changing people's lives. 

With the past experiences and extensive training, I am now offering services to assist you bringing your business to the next level in optimizing your complete business. 

In 2016, a platform developed by Russell Brunson and a team of highly skilled technical developers has been changing the way we now operate in the online and
e-commerce internet world and I extended my knowledge in becoming a certified partner at ClickFunnels, the leading SAAS on the market.

Initially, I opened our agency as specializing in funnel strategy, funnel building, big picture scope of the entire business into expanding the services of automation.

Personally, this is how you'll get your life back. 

I've invested well over $78,000+ in business development marketing and strategy of how to capture the nutshell and deliver expertise to our clients. 

Our team has now grown from a solo practice at 
Acute Marketing, Inc to now also building business with 
Industry Experts across the globe. 

Our team at Acute Marketing, Inc. specializes in content marketing, funnel design and architecture, how to optimize to achieve results and we work as a collaborative behind the scenes in the fundamentals building your business to automate social media platforms. 

We are a team of collaboration that specializes in optimizing for your business by spanning the social media platforms of: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, 
including the blogging platforms of Medium and wordpress and a few more that we keep tucked 
behind for our clients. 

We are connected with industry experts in: 
Brand Identity, Podcasting, Wordpress Design, 
SEO, Funnel strategy systems, pretty much a business 
in a box service for you- offering highly 
skilled individuals delivering our specialities to you 
for the fraction of just one service.

At the end of the day, all we have is our name, a handshake that says :
"You matter to me" and that is what we are offering.
Look forward in connecting with you, we'll talk soon!
Connect for your discovery call...

One step at a time, we create dreams into a reality.

-Lisa Wendler
Step 1: Discovery
Services we provide... 
We want to learn about where are currently in your business and we would love to have you share all the bits and pieces of where you want to go from the beginning stages of brand identity, curation, business strategy, social media marketing and more. 
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Business Development System
Business Development
Business Competitor Research Analysis
Business Research
Social Media Influencer Strategy
Manychat Bot Sequence
Content Curation
Clickfunnel Certified Partner
Funnel Strategy
Social Media Marketing Optimization Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Webinar Powerpoint Presentation
Webinar Experts
Wordpress Clickfunnels Website Design

When you make the choice to create your life, you will have massive success.  

-Lisa Wendler
Step 2: Behind the Scenes
Where Our Agency Begins... Researching The Marketplace.  
This is the behind the scenes, where we dive into who it is, what they are doing and how to leverage the competition. 
Without knowing the market inside and out, 
it is a shot in the dark of hitting the overall target objectives long-term scope of growth and scaling and strategically implementing the details to hit milestones.
Step 3: Strategy
The Discovery Report
Where Your Business is Positioned Within The Marketplace
The Overview 
The Details To Create/Leverage Your Program, Offer or Service
The Contract
Where We Come Together On The Project
Step 4: Launch
Launching Your Strategy
This is where all of the pieces of the puzzle come together...
The piece we are all excited about is the launch. The final piece where we then are able to have an intial piece of strategically monopolizing your niche. 

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While you focus on your customers, 
we focus on the system in working behind the scenes to get more clients coming to you.
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